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Our projects

This section is intended to present you our projects, its potential and our needs. We invite investors, traders, farmers and everyone interested in the field of cultivation, engineering and the use of medicinal plants to cooperate.

100% use of the yield from the cultivation of fiber hemp in the commune of Gołymin in Poland

We are proud to announce that for 2021 the Institute of Herbs has contracted 5 ha of land in the Gołymin commune for the cultivation of hemp. The purpose of cultivation is to produce a crop and process it 100%. Therefore, the project concerns the agricultural, bitechnology, medicine, pharmacy, fiber processing and fertilization industries. 

The use of psychedelic plants from the family Solanaceae found in the Middle East in the treatment of depression and PTSD

Due to the advanced cooperation with scientists from Israel, the Institute took part in a research project on developing a drug based on psilobicin, which would be used in the treatment of depression and PTSD.

The use of phytochemicals found in the plants from the family Compositae in the treatment and alleviation of symptoms of COVID-19.

The substances produced by plants often have very strong therapeutic properties. The aim of the project is to use plants and their secondary metabolites in the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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