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Here we go! We start growing hemp for CBD and CBG extraction.

We are happy that the seeds of the highly valuable CBD and CBG rich cannabis strains have arrived us to be grown outdoors.

In just a few days, the Institute of Herbs will plant industrial hemp. For cultivation, we carefully selected varieties adapted to cultivation in the field in Polish climatic conditions. The dominant variety in cultivation will be Santhica 27, which has a high CBG content, and Futura 75, which naturally achieves high CBD concentrations.

Legality above all! To grow cannabis, we obtained permission from the local authorities. Each variety we cultivate is approved in Poland and, in accordance with Polish law, contains <0.2% THC.

In growing, we will use innovative techniques to maximize the concentration of cannabinoids. We will use natural fertilizers #Organicalc and #CzarnaKreda, as well as additional methods that constitute our know-how.

Finally, we will process our crops in 100% by producing teas, CBD / CBG extracts, obtaining fiber and roots.

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